What To See While Buying Mobile?

What To See While Buying Mobile?

While buying mobile, main attributes we need to see are Processor configured in Mobile, GPU configured in Mobile, RAM and Internal Storage, Display Size, Rear Camera, Front Camera, Wi-Fi, 4G Support, voLTE Support, Connectivity and Network Technologies in Mobile, Softwares / Operating Systems supported by Mobile, What Apps will be supported, Sensors used in Mobile, Speakers and Headphone, Mobile Battery, Does we will get easy Tech Support if some issue comes in Mobile like this list will be goes on and the last but not the least What Best Mobile we will be getting within our budget? Let us see each feature in Detail.

What Processor is best in Mobile?

Snapdragon Processors from Qualcomm, Exynos Processor from Samsung are good. Apple manufactures its own processors. We all know Apple how much care they will take while manufacturing any stuff related to their products. So obviously Apple Processor is also outstanding processor. Most of high end mobiles will be having Snapdragon Processor.

  • SnapDragon Processors : Snap Dragon Processors are very good quality processors from Qualcomm Company. Other than Samsung and Apple, rest of the most mobile manufacturing companies if they want to make high performance mobiles they will generally go for Snapdragon Processor. If the budget is above 12000 to 15000, it is better to go for Snap Dragon Processor Mobile when compared with MediaTek Processor. Exynos manufactured by Samsung and Apple Company Processors are also very good processors. Snapdragons Currently exist in current market are below series and higher the series better will be performance. Why Snap Dragon is better when compared with Mediatek is Qualcomm after buying Cortex they will further customize it to consume less battery and to give high performance and to consume less battery. As Qualcomm is further customising, it will help mobile not get heated quickly.

    • Snapdragon Processor series used in current Market

      • Snapdragon 400 series
      • Snapdragon 600 series
      • Snapdragon 700 series
      • Snapdragon 800 series
  • Exynos Processors are manufactured by Samsung Company. These are good Processors.

  • Mediatek or MT Series Processors are manufactured by Mediatek Company. Most of the mobiles in the price range from 5000 to 15000 range uses Mediatek Processors. Mediatek is not so efficient relatively comparing with Snapdragon. But between range of 5000 to 12000 Rupees Mobiles, Mediatek is available best option.

  • Intel or Atom Processors are manufactured by Intel Company

  • Kirin Processors are are manufactured by HiSilicon

  • Apple Company manufactures its own Processors and they are considered as good processors. Latest Apple Processors are Apple A10 Fusion, Apple 10X Fusion, Apple 11 Bionic.

A good processor gives high performance. This is very similar to Processor in Laptops where a i7 Processor Laptop performs better than i3 Processor.

Note: Within the mobile apart form Processor, GPU will be there which will be used to display Graphics properly. So this GPU plays key role in Gaming Mobiles which will be used extensively for playing games. NVIDIA is leader in producing best Graphics Processing Units (GPU). A good Gaming Mobile needs very good quality GPU, Processor and decent RAM Size of atleast 6 GB.

What should be RAM Size and Internal Memory in Good Mobile?

For Normal Usage 4 GB RAM is sufficient. For Gaming users it is better to have atleast 6 GB of RAM and even you can go for 8 GB RAM along with good processor and GPU. For general purpose, 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM is decent mobile in current days. 

32 GB Internal Memory is decent for normal usage. But if the user needs more Photoes, Videos to be stored on Mobile and need to install many apps then you can think of 64 GB. In current market we do not recommend 128 GB ROM. Instead of going for 128 GB, the additional money, you spend on for better processor or increasing RAM Size in order to create more Value to your Money.

How Best is the Front Camera and Rear Camera Configurations in Best Mobile?

Front Camera is very important for people who will be taking more selfies. Rear Camera is considered as Primary Camera in any Mobile. We need to see how many megapixels camera the mobile is having? Apart from that Optical Zoom, Digital Zoom, Focal Length.

12 MP with good Optical Zoom is decent one. Generally we will be using Rear Camera more but who are interested in Selfies they can go for 15 MP or more Mega Pixel Camera Mobile.Optical Zoom as this is real zoom when compared with Digital Zoom of Mobile Camera. If your priority is Selfies and Video Call then obviously Front Camera should be given priority and if your requirement is taking Photos and Videos then your priority should be Rear Camera.

What is the Screen Display Type and How is the Screen Resolution of Mobile?

IPS LCD Screen, AMOLED Screens, Super AMOLED Screens are best screens available in market. Super AMOLED is better than AMOLED Screen and it is better than IPS LCD Screen. Here we need to question whether screen is LCD type or LED type. Obviously LED Screens are better thand LCD Screens. In IPS LCD mobiles, screen brightness comes because of backlit display whereas in AMOLED Screen Mobiles, it gets better display from pixels on Mobiles. As AMOLED Screen display does not require backlit display, AMOLED Screen mobiles will be thin in size.

How is the Screen Resolution of Mobile?

1920×1080 or 2560×1440 resolution is decent enough for normal purpose.

Mobile Screen Resolutions Available in Current Mobile Market

  • HD Resolution : 720p

  • Full HD Resolution : 1920×1080

  • 2K or Quad-HD Resolution : 2560×1440

  • 4K Resolution : 3840×2160

  • Ultra HD Resolution : 4096 x 2160

Either 1920×1080 or 2560×1440 resolution is decent enough for normal purpose as per our reserach. Gaming users can think of buying 4K Resolution mobiles. Another Mobile Attribute is PPI which is nothing but Pixels Per Inch. Generally 300 Pixels is decent for normal purpose and gaming users can think of buying mobile with 350+ Pixels Per Inch Mobile.

What is Decent Screen Size?

5.6 Inches Mobile is decent one. Most of the sold mobiles screen size falls from 5.4 inches to 5.8 inches. Anything above that it is not easily portable and there will not be big difference carrying a very big screen mobile which is 6+ inches and a tablet.

What Softwares / Operating System is there in Mobile?

Android Mobile is our first preference then Apple OS iOS. Android Mobiles you can get at lesser price and you can have wide variety of apps. But if your mobile is for business or official purpose, without second thought go for Apple mobile. iOS which is Apple OS is difficult to hack when compared with Android.

Android Mobiles should be the first option while you buying for general purpose or for videos watching purpose and for regular usage. But remember if the purpose is for official purpose, it is better to buy Apple Phone. Apple iOS software is touch to hack when compared with Android Mobiles. So if security is your priority and if you have to use for official purpose and if you can spend budget, just go for Apple iPhones. Apart from Android and iOS, other popular OS exist in market are Blackberry and Windows.

What Material used to manufacture body of Mobile?

Now a Days Mobiles comes with Plastic Body or Metalilc Body or Glass Body. Among these three, our first preference is Plastic Body. Generally Glass Mobiles are bit expensive. Everything taken into consideration go for Plastic Body if not Metallic Body.

How will be Tech Support if Mobiles get some Repair?

Few Mobile Brands just think of selling mobiles to customers but few companies like Samsung establishes their service centers across the nation to provide best services if the customers mobile gets any problem. Popular Brand mobiles will be easily get repaired in market. If Mobiles which are not popular get any repair, we will be generally hearing that Mobile should be throwed in dustbin as getting replaceable parts is tough in Market.

How good is Battery in the Mobile?

3000 mAH to 4000 mAH Battery is sufficient if you are using mobile for general purpose. If you are extensive mobile user, high internet user or full of gaming user, go for 4000 mAH+ Battery. In today's market even there are mobiles which has more than 5000 mAH. One more important thing is to understand what is Removable Battery and Non-Removable Battery? Removable Battery is you can replace it by your self and Non-Removable battery can also be replaced but in a service center. To make Mobiles thin and sleek, these Non-Removable Battery concept came into Market.

What Networks will be supported by Mobile?

Minimum 4G should be there now a days. Again within 4G there will be several bands. They will be using term like Band 3, Band 4 etc or Cat3, Cat4 etc. Within 4G higher the band, more will be speed in Mobile. Sometime you will be seeing LTE Technology while reading Mobile Reviews. LTE is nothing but 4G Technology.

Whether it supports 3G, 4G, voLTE and again with in 4G there are several bands. Higher the band it supports in Mobile, more speed will be the mobile.

How is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and other Connectivity Features of Mobile?

Wi-Fi is wireless network. So if Wireless Modem is there near you, you can get connected to it without having direct wire and access internet. Bluetooth is used for short distance. May be less than a meter or two meters. With Wi-Fi even around 5 meters distance from Modem, you will be having good internet speed. If Wi-Fi Hotspot is there in Mobile, then you can turn your Mobile into Modem by taking internet package with SimCard. Then using your Laptop, you can connect to you mobile and can access internet. Again within Wi-Fi also technology varies which drives connectivity and speed.

Is Screen Protection of Mobile is Good?

Now a days most of the smartphones comes up with Gorilla Screen Glass Protection and it makes Mobile Scratch-Resistant.

Sim Slot Features in Mobile?

Ideally it is better to have atleast 2 sim cards. Even more than 2 Sim Cards is also not better. If you have dual sim mobile then One Sim can be used for personal purpose and the other Sim can be used for official purpose.

Sensors in Mobile

  • Finger Print Sensor : Based on your finger Biometric, Mobile will be unlocked.

  • IRIS Scanning: Based on your eye biometric, Mobile will be unlocked.

  • Full Facial Recognition: Based on your face and detecting your face, Mobile will be unlocked.

  • Proximity Sensor: Detects objects near to your Mobile. Infrared rays will be sent out and based on that it detects objects. Mobile Screen Display can be turned off or on using this which saves battery life.

  • Accelerometer: Auto-Rotation in mobile is happening by using this Accelerometer.

  • Gyroscope: Even it determines Mobile angles and helps in Auto-Rotation.

  • Magnetometer: Using this we can find North direction and thereby we can find rest of directions based on Magnet Principle. Compass also means Magnetometer.

  • Light Sensor: It detects Light outside and using this feature brightness will be auto increase or decrease will happen.

  • Barometer: Measures Atmospheric Pressure and detects from sea level on how much height you are. This Barometer helps GPS system to increase accuracy.

  • Thermometer: Measures CPU or Components temperature thereby to control them. Even external thermometers also present.

  • Air Humidity Sensor: Measurs Humidity in Air.

  • Radiation Sensor: Harmful Radiations around you can be measured using Radiation Sensor.

Whether Price you are Paying to Mobile is worthful?

Budget allocated for Mobile, What to See While Buying Mobile and What type of Mobile You Want is important factors you decide. May be one interested in Good Performance Mobile then you need to give priority to Processor and RAM and some wants to have more Apps installed then you give importance to Internal Memory or ROM, if someone wants to play games then buy mobile with good GPU and high-end Processor Phone. If only receiving and attending calls then many mobiles under 5000 can do this job. If someone wants more secured mobile then go for Apple Phones. If you want all round phone then go for Samsung Phones.

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