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Upcoming State Elections in Five States of India - Congress? or BJP?

Congress vs BJP Election War
Congress vs BJP Election War

State Elections is going to be held on Nov-2018 and Dec-2018 in five States Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Chattisgarh, Mizoram. All 5 State Elections Results will be released on December-11-2018. Actually these 5 state elections will have large impact to decide fate of 2019 Parliament Elections.

FII's Removed Net of 18200 Crores from Stock Market in October Till Today

FII's Gross Purchases in Oct-18 till today in Equity Market in India are Rs. 63,000 Crores and FII's Gross Sales are 81000 Crores. In total , FII's have removed a total of Rs. 18000 Crores from the stock markets in India.

If rupee is depreciating even if the FII's makes minor profits, the end result is loss again when they convert to their local currency.

IL&FS Crisis Details

IL&FS - NBFC Company in India
IL&FS Company in India

What is IL&FS Company Business?

IL&FS (Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services) Company Business in the beginning is just NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) Business Operations majorly taking loans from Banks, SIDBI and other institutions and funding to infrastructure companies as loan.

Import Duty Hiked on 19 Products

On total 19 products Import Duty is hiked. Main Products on which Import Duty is hiked are AC's, Refrigeratiors, Washing Machines, Aviation Turbine Fuel, Gold Jewelery, Diamonds, Footwear, Radial Tyres, Few varieties of Plastic Items. Value of these 19 products imports is 86000 Crores in the year 2017-18.

Impact is this move is rupee became 20 paise stronger when compared with Dollar.

Mainly India has to reduce Oil Imports for rupee to get more strength. India Government already took necessary steps. Dollar will go mostly below 70 rupees very soon.

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