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World Rank - July 209
World Rank - March 2019
Market Cap (July 1st 2019)
910.64 Billion USD



Apple is the World fist company that reached 1 Trillion USD Market Capitalization and is listed company in NASDAQ. Apple Products iPad, iPhone, Mac Books will be sold all over the world. In building technology products with extreme quality in Mobiles, Laptops, iPads, Smartwatches with high quality Apple is World Number 1 and there is no competitor for Apple in the world to build with high quality and providing high security.

Apple makes history by becoming first US company to reach $1 trillion market value. Second largest Amazon has market capital of around 907 Billion USD. Alphabet which is parent company of Google has Market Capital of 837 Billion USD. In the near by future that is within 2 to 3 years Amazon has more chances to become World Number 1 as its e-Commerce business and Amazon Cloud Services i.e AWS (Amazon Web Services) business is growing rapidly not only in USA but across the globe.