Central Government of India should expedite the process of spending over 5 Lakh Crores INR on Capital Expenditure to see 11% GDP growth in 2021-22.

Capital Expenditure of 5.54 lakh crores INR is planned to spend in for FY 2021-22 as part of India budget. Actually out of entire budget to boost India, this should planned fast and put into action.

Along with that, it should publish on International media from time to time how it is spending these 5 Lakh Crores INR and which infrastructure projects India is taking up.

This will help more FDI's will come into India. Anyways FII investments will not help.

If India can attract FDI then it will be win-win situation for India and FDI.

Without delay, India should start spending on capital expenditure i.e mainly to improve infrastructure and logistics of India.

Warehouses for farmers can be planned in huge scale to help farmers to get better price and to help farmers.

Just like farmers vegetable markets in India, setup should be done for farmers to sell several types of agricultural products. We do not know farmers vegetable markets exist across India. But across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, farmers vegetable markets are there which improved farmers life a bit in selling their products directly to customers.

Electric Vehicles and Electric charge stations should be planned in huge scale. It will reduce India burden of spending on buying oil from other countries.

Government can come up with huge amount of solar plants with partnership with private companies.

Along with that better to change 18% GST slab items into 12% only.

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