Ajit Doval of NSA addressed in a conference "If media is quiet about terrorist attacks, terrorism will end."

70% of operating terrorists will be hypnotised human beings. But terrorist leaders are master brains with motive of making money by using these 70% operating terrorists by training them. 

In the history is there any point where terrorist leader died by keeping a belt bomb. Answer is "NO". They are using this profession to make some money using immatured human beings and converting them into terrorists.

For most of the terrorist leaders it is business to mint money.

Terrorists will do attacks mainly to get publicity and use this publicity to generate revenue.

Finally who is giving this publicity to terrorists when they had done attacks?

It is Media. Free of cost Media is providing millions of dollars publicity to terrorists.

Knowingly or unknowingly it is Media who is giving millions of dollars worth free publicity to terrorists. These terrorists do not have any super natural powers. They are also normal human beings. Most of the operating terrorists (let me call them weapons ) will be kept away from friends, families, social mingling, TV's and movies and will be trained with narrow minds. Because the terrorist leaders know very well if terrorists had given access to friends, families, social mingling, TV's and movies and if they habituated to social mingling, they will not hold guns. 

Terrorists at bottom level will be knowing that their terrorist leaders using them for minting money.

Because once terrorists who are taking training get access to TV, Movies and social mingling, they themselves will be knowing that they are travelling in wrong path. Their leaders are using them and throwing them in dustbin finally. Many of the terrorists are narrow minded persons and they do not know the value of life.

Rather than that if Media can concentrate on which countries are supporting terrorist camps and how they are getting funding. Then that information will be useful to end terrorists.

All countries governments are fighting to end these terrorists. Some or the other country created these terrorists for political leaders benefits only.

Media atleast should stop giving publicity to terrorist attacks. 

Now all countries even small countries became strong by defense equipment. In couple of years there will not be any terrorists on earth.

If some countries support terrorist camps, then other nations will enter into that nation and destroy terrorist camps.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 10:24 IST