Illegal case was filed on Journalist Raghu of Raj News when Raghu covering injustice happening to Tribal farmers in Telangana

In entire Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, I am fan of Journalist Raghu of Raj news because he covers news where injustice happening to common man.

Recently in Gurrampadu Thanda of Telangana, as tribal farmers land is occupied by land grabbers. Raghu from Raj news is first person covered that news.  Post that couple of people have warned that he would be killed if Raghu interferes into this matter. Post that recently couple of BJP leaders like Bandi Sanjay went to the spot to protest in order to help tribal farmers. Then to cover the news, Raghu  went to the spot to cover the news.

Farmers were kept it jail for around 60 days. But real cheaters, rowdys and land grabbers escaped the cases with money and muscle power similar to what we generally see in movies.

So Raghu went to cover the news to show how injustice happening to tribal farmers. 

Might be some bigshots might be behind this land grabbing activity from farmers. Actual area under the issue is around 200 acres of land.

So illegal cases had been filed against journalist Raghu.


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