India Agriculture minister Tomar open letter with 8 points to explain Farmers related to MSP and Contract Farming and explanation what is truth and what is lie. Actually Tomar provided the below data in Hinda and we translated into English.

The actual fact is that there is truth in only 70% of points provided by Tomar and rest 30% are Half Truth which is equivalent to lie in our view.

Part of the law that is allowing farmers to sell their agriculture products anywhere in India will benefit Farmers. By this rule, Farmers will get atleast 20% additional price when compared with what they are getting today.

But prior to agriculture, contract signing agreements between contractors and farmers may harm farmers if contractors are dishonest. Even if the matter goes to Court because of some litigation in Contract, may god know when those things will be cleared. At the end of the day, Farmers will be in trouble as they are less educated when compared with Contractors and Corporate companies.

We have to understand that there will be good contractors and bad contractors. Honest Contractors can show benefit to farmers. At the same time Bad and Dishonest contractors will harm farmers by taking advantage of their innocence and by keeping some litigations in contracts.

50% of law will benefit farmers and rest 50% of law will harm farmers.

We think, India PM Modi should rethink about the contract farming by standing on the ground what exact is the position of farmers in India even though law is made in good faith? If cases related to contract if filed in courts, how much delay will happen should be taken into Consideration? We feel only 50% of new farming laws will benefit farmers.

But at the same time intellectuals like Arvind Kejriwal who is current Delhi CM should not mislead farmers and people with wrong statements. Actually 50% of new agriculture laws will benefit farmers. Arvind Kejriwal saying all the new farming laws is against farmers is actually misleading the farmers. Vote Bank politics will not sustain. Just explain what part of law is  good and what part of law is bad.

Idea of contract farming is good but not suitable for India currently. Using current new laws it is not possible to take agriculture  lands. But as per the contract, if farmers had not meet obligations present in the contract then in any case if farmer needs to pay money to contractors as per contract due to breaking of terms and conditions in contract, then will existing laws will trigger or not against farmers?

No doubt political leaders are misguiding farmers to increase intensity of protests. But actually only 50% of new agriculture laws will benefit farmers and rest of 50% will harm farmers.


Lie Providing to Farmers Truth as per  Agriculture Minister Tomar
MSP system is going to end because of new laws.
Even APMC (Agriculture Produce Market Committee)  Sale Points (Market Yards Where farmers selling currently ) will be permanently closed going ahead.
MSP System will continue and current laws will not impact MSP.
Even APMC sale points (Market Yards where farmers selling currently) will be continued.
Lands of Farmers will be in trouble Agreements will be related to only crops. Selling of Land and Leasing of farmers lands is not at all part of current 3 laws.
There is possibility that Contractors will take away farmers land to recover any sort of debt. Whatever the conditions, farmers land will be safe and secured.
In Contract Farming, there is no guarantee for value that will be paid by Contractors to Farmers. In Farming Agreements, what price will be paid to farmers by Contractors will be documented.
Farmers will not get any payments from Contractors. Within time limits, payments should be paid by Contractors to Payments. Otherwise law will levy penalties on Contractors if payment is not done in assured period.
Contract signed can not be taken back by Farmers Farmers can end contract at any point of time.
So far Contract Farming has never tried in the past. In various countries, contract farming is going on. Even there are laws to protect farmers.
Related to these new farming laws neither discussions nor suggestions is not accepted by Central Government From two decades discussions and suggestions have been taken. In 2000, Shankarlal Committee has given their suggestions. Post that in 2003, APMC Mandal act, 2007 APMC Rules and post that committee formed by chief ministers of Hariyana, Punjab, West Bengal, Bihar has been formed and in 2013 committe with agriculture ministers of 10 states and in 2017 APMC Mandal Act and in the end in 2020, these laws are passed.

Here is Indian Agriculture Minister Tomar Open Letter to Farmers

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