India government should help Serum Institute to reconstruct equipment needed for BCG Vaccine manufacturing and we feel it is more important than Covid-19 vaccines.

In mid of Jan-2020, major fire accident happened in Serum institute and it happened related to BCG vaccine wing of Serum Institute.

Yesterday while drafting below articles, we are assuming major cause of low deaths in India even though more Covid-19 cases are there might be due BCG vaccines have been given to Indians from long time.

So going ahead globally there could be demand for BCG vaccines. Help Serum Institute of India with atleast low interest rate fund of 1500 Crores INR with low interest rate might be 4% to 5%.

In the form of tax, over a period of time Indian Government will get more than what they spend on Serum Institute.

Actually these type of institutes are not just Indian Pride but they are Global Pride.

97.3% of Covid-19 infected people recovered from Covid-19 in India and considering future recoveries it is 98.4%

81.59 million people recovered from Covid-19 out of 109.48 million Covid-19 cases globally

Indians recovery cases is huge when compared with globally if we look above two articles.

First link above is related to India and second link related to World.

Apart from that previous data collected shows, BCG vaccines part could be more significant in case of Indians to fight against Covid-19.

So better to help Serum Institute like healthcare institutes to set up on huge scales and it will help many other countries to get BCG vaccines and Covid-19 vaccines at low price


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