Sad to hear Anna Hazarre like people commenting that they want to fast against new farming laws. What is the need of fasting?

60% of farm laws is useful to farmers and only rest 40% of law needs amendment.

Even Central Government is ready to sit and discuss with the farmers?

Does Anna Hazarre reallly feels that only farmers are part of agitation?

The part of farm law that farmers can go and sell their products anywhere in India is good for farmers. They will get good price because of this.

Pre agreements prior to agriculture is not acceptable to us because there will be couple of issues for farmers which we have drafted in another article as per us.

So asking to repeal entire farming laws is asking to harm the farmers even when Central Government wants to do some good for farmers.

Definitely this farming laws create harm to brokers who will pay less price to farmers and more money into their pockets.

Once again what we want to say is 60% of new farming laws is good for farmers to bring more money for their crops.

Here central government is not adamant and they are not saying that they will not amend any part of law. Just have a discussion with central government and try to resolve the problem.

This time Anna Hazarre fasting will not get much credit because it does not backed by noble cause similar to Lokpal, Lokayukta implementation.

Why even a single farmer is not coming on roads in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, if the new farming laws creates harm to farmers?

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana farmers are more intelligent than Anna Hazarre and myself. This is what I feel.

In both states even BJP is not ruling party. Even then not even a single farmer coming to road. None of new farming laws is asking to remove MSP. It is couple of people who are misleading farmers.

Even they why a single farmer not coming on to roads?

Again we want to say 60% of farming laws benefit for farmers to get better price for farmers. It will harm brokers who want to pay less price to farmers and more money into their pockets.

In the below article we mentioned which part of farm laws is good and which part of farm laws is bad?

India Agriculture minister Tomar open letter with 8 points to explain Farmers related to MSP and Contract Farming and explanation what is truth and what is lie?

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