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Dow Jones lost more than 445 points because of Corona virus fear and trading at 28,543
Global Stock Markets trading negatively because of fears of Corona Virus
Better to give holidays to schools wherever Corona virus spread is expected
China and HongKong stocks trading negatively because of Corona Virus outbreak
Alphabet crossed 1 Trillion USD market value and Tesla crossed 100 Billion USD market value
IMF forecasting India GDP growth for 2019-20 will be 4.8%
Corona Virus spread to 290 people in China and 6 people died
How we are able to predict gold price will come down to 1560 when it is 1592
China exports numbers looking good for Dec 2019
Infosys gained 4.5% on good quarterly results for Dec-2019
Iran confirmed it has unintentionally shot down Ukraine Jetliner
Global stock markets down by 1% plus after Iran hitting 2 USA Military bases in Iraq
World Top 1000 Companies as on Jan 1st 2020
World Top 100 Technology Companies as on Jan 1st 2020
S&P 500 Index History from 2000 to 2019
Dow Jones History Chart from 2000 to 2019
Truffle Capital secured 250 million Euros fund to invest in healthcare based startups in France
CAB is related to just refugees and not at all related to existing Indians
Investors should not invest in loss making startup companies as global economy growth is slowing down
CAB Bill is not at all anti-muslim bill and this to protect refugees and help them: Amit Shah
Saudi Aramco market cap is 1.877 Trillion USD and is World number 1 company
ADB reduced estimates about GDP growth rate of Asia, China, India
China is planning to remove foreign technology and software in next 3 years in China Companies
Saudi Aramco is now World's biggest listed company with a market cap 1.7 Trillion USD
No evidence to prove Donald Trump is Wrong and hence impeachment is rejected in WhiteHouse
Sundar Pichai promoted to CEO of Alphabet which is parent company of Google
How much is GDP and Debt of Top Countries in World?
Uighur Bill is approved by USA House to condemn China harassments on Uighur muslim community of China
China not happy as USA passed the bill of Hong Kong democracy act
Germany government planning to keep restrictions on China acquisitions in Germany
Kia Motors occupied 4th rank in Car Sales in India in very short time
Saudi Aramco would be World's biggest listed company post IPO process completes
GST Collections for Nov-2019 in India is 103,492 Crores INR
Apple Company back to World Number 1 position in World Top 500 Companies with Market Cap 1152 Billion USD
Reliance Industries moved to World Rank 68 from 75 in World Top 500 Companies of November 2019
Twitter CEO told they are banning political ads on Twitter
CTS planning to lay off 7000 employees to cut costs
More than 70 persons died due to unexpected fire in Pakistan country train
HongKong economy entered into recession and Sep-2019 ending GDP numbers contracted by 3.2%
USA GDP growth for third quarter is 1.9% whereas economists expected 1.6%
As ICICI Securities suggested that there is no significant inconsistency in Infosys quarterly results, Infosys stock will trade higher today
Reliance Industries planning eCommerce and B2B business to establish like Amazon, Flipkart and Alibaba
Ease of doing Business rank of India by World Bank improved to 63 and previous time rank is 77
HCL Technologies Net Profit for Sep-2019 Quarter : 2711 Crores INR vs Sep-2018 Quarter : 2534 Crores INR
Caterpillar Inc Revenue for Sep-2019 ending quarter : 12.8 Billion USD vs Sep-2018 Revenue : 13.5 Billion USD
Boeing GAAP Net Earning for Sep-2019 ending quarter : 1.26 Billion USD vs Sep-2018 Quarter : 2.23 Billion USD
Verizon and Disney partnered to provide Disney+ for free to Verizon Wireless customers free for 12 months
Softbank acquired WeWork real estate company keeping at valuation of 8 Billion USD
World Top 100 Companies by Market Cap as on Oct-20-2019
Brexit Deal delay extension to Jan-2020 possible as British MP's voted for Brexit Deal delay