In 2023, Multi cross currency transactions will be more from the current World of USD transactions.

Software applications will be built for cross currency transaction to happen between two countries.

Don't assume it will be replaced by crypto currencies. I am not a great fan of crypto currencies in long term. Reason is at some point of future time, crypto currency prices will tumble.

Let me try to explain in more deeper what I want to say.

In Australia if you go to Mc Donalds store or Dominos store or Subway store or Starbucks now they will accept only AUD.

For the same thing, if it is in USA they will accept only USD.

Similarly in Europe they will accept only EUR as on today World.

But in next 3 years, there is no big wonder each of the above stores accepts 5 to 10 currencies in next 3 years irrespective of location of branch.

This is just one example. Many things will change in next 3 years and many startups will come related to multi cross currency enabling platforms.

There is no wonder if such things will come then PayPal may cut down their commissions by 50% to withstand competition or they may come up with some other innovative ideas to increase their volumes.

However USD will be more used currency even though transaction volume in USD will reduce but overall USD transactions amount will reduce in 2023.

Either EUR or CNY will become second most used currency in the World.

UK would have stayed in Europe Union for mutual benefit rather than coming out of Europe Union.

Russian ruble value became stronger post it declared that it will sell oil and gas products in Russian Ruble.

Against dollar, 1 USD = 132 RUB on March 20th.

Even post Europe and USA sanctions and again even post Europe and USA signed deals related to USA selling oil and gas products to satisfy Europe Union demands

On March 28th

1 USD = 97 ruble.

Mainly Russia oil and gas reserves and mining resources helped Russia to sustain even though lot of sanctions across World.

All OPEC countries turning to Russia side.

Europe Union is turning to Ukraine side indirectly USA side.

World is getting divided into two groups. The groups will take bigger forms by end of 2022.

War between Russia and Ukraine will end in one or two weeks. Both countries energies already exhaused.

Just the provoking messages in international media only increasing gap between Russia and Ukraine.

If wrong international media is not there and provoked messages are not there, Russia and Ukraine war might have stopped a week or two weeks back itself.

Might be Putin has habit if any top leader who is in enemy position, if they say don't do something then Putin will try to do it.

Forces who wants that Russia and Ukraine war to get more severe, exactly used this weakness of Putin and even they used Zelenskyy to extend the war to long time so that both energies get exhausted.

Main target is exhausting Russia energy as much as using Ukraine forces.

Russia's target in the mid of war is making Ukraine land locked state by taking control of all coastal corridors.

Let me give practical example of deviation of mind. When USA President is in Poland, Russia President kept missiles on near by areas of Ukraine which is near to Biden's place in Poland.

Actually Russia will not get any advantage by doing so because Russia at the end of the day can sustain in only areas where Pro Russians are there.

So finally Ukraine will be divided into East Ukraine and West Ukraine.

East Ukraine will be Russia pro area and West Ukraine will be Europe pro area.

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