Amazon is worth to invest at current price of 110 USD because of AWS and no need to worry even recession comes.

We do not deny there is scope of recession in USA. If USA posts negative GDP for two quarters, there is probability that stock prices may tumble further.

Again when inflation controls and when FED started reducing interest rates somewhere in second half of 2023 again markets will recover. It is a cycle.

AWS is getting very strong which is cloud services business segment of Amazon.

Currently Amazon market cap is 1.12 Trillion USD. By end of 2024 it has high probability that market cap of Amazon will cross 1.5 Trillion USD easily. Again do your own research and just do not go by our words.

Note: Please do your own assessments before investing and there is no guarantee that our predictions at Value.Today will be right always. We are just expressing our view on it.

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