In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and in most states of India, the petrol price in India is greater than Sri Lanka.

One should understand Indian rupee and Sri Lanka rupee is not same.

One Indian Rupee = 4.32 Sri Lanka Rupees.

First understand above equation.

In both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, petrol price per liter > 115 INR.

Now 115 INR = 115*4.32 Sri Lanka rupees = 496.8 Sri Lanka rupees.(This is petrol price in India in Sri Lanka currency)

In Sri Lanka petrol price per liter is 340 Sri Lanka rupees.

Now in India petrol price per liter is at 496 Sri Lanka rupees and in Sri Lanka petrol price is 340 Sri Lanka rupees.

Now understand the above sentence and then understand whether petrol price is greater in India or Sri Lanka.

India is in safe hands because RBI which is central bank of India is good at financial management.

India has over 604 Billion USD forex reserves as on Apr-08-2022.

More over India is self sufficient country in many aspects either in food products or metals or chemicals. Only drawback is India has less crude oil reserves.

Actually Iran is offering crude oil at less price to India and even they are ready to accept Indian rupees to purchase. If India can buy crude oil from Iran, petrol prices will come down in India.

Actually on each liter of petrol, both central government and state government will be levying many taxes and this is the reason petrol prices in India is high even when compared with Sri Lanka.

Central Government of India is using most of collected taxes to lay roads and improve infrastructure of India.

Till June-2022 petrol price pain will be there on common man. Post that international crude oil prices will cool off. Then in India, petrol prices may reduce.

On any single product, either central government taxes should be there either state government taxes should be there to improve ease of doing business in India.

Ideally it is one of biggest flaw in India taxation system.

Better to change the laws so that on a single product either central government taxes should be there or state government taxes should be there.

Even we support high taxes in petrol as it is external commodity which India is importing. So only real need people will use petrol more and normal people will reduce their consumption.

But again as mentioned above either there should be central government tax or state government tax but not both.

Only one deciding authority should be there to tax on single product. We do not mind how central and state government distribute these tax funds obtained from taxing on products or commodities like petrol.



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