Andhra Pradesh scheme of Amma Vodi scheme which gives 15000 INR to poor parents for sending their kids to school can be implemented national wide as it improves HDI (Human Development Index) of India over a period of 5 to 8 years.

At the same time proper care should be taken that schools management will not increase school fee to receive this 15k into their pockets.

Better to keep a condition that 75% of school attendance is mandatory to receive this benefit.

YSR Congress government implemented a scheme of online transfer of 15,000 INR to poor parents i.e white ration card holders if they are sending their kids to school.

This will encourage poor parents to send their kids to school instead of work.

This will improve HDI (Human Development Index) factor of India, if India implements it national wide.

Literacy rate will increase in India.

Probably India Government can implement this policy till 10+2 education or graduation. In longer run, India will see benefit out of it.

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