As on March 2022, Infosys Employee Count is 314,015 and employees count as on March-2021 was 259,619.

Annual Revenue of Infosys for year ending March-2022 was 16,311 Million USD and Net Income for year ending March-2022 was 2,968 Million USD.

Number of active clients of Infosys as on March-2022 was 1,741.

Infosys Q4 Results YoY growth by Business Segment

Financial Services grew by 12.4%.

Retail segment grew by 14.3%.

Communication segment grew by 26.4%.

Energy, Utilities, Resources & Services grew by 15.7%.

Manufacturing grew by 45.3%.

Hi-Tech segment grew by 20.5%.

Life Sciences grew by 15.1%.

Infosys Q4 Results by Geographical Region

Infosys Q4 annual revenue was 4,280 Million USD.

Out of this revenue generated from North America was 61.4%, Revenue generated in Europe was 25.2%, Revenue generated in India is 3.2% and Revenue generated from the rest of the World was 10.2%.

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