Better Talibans support girls education in Afghanistan and without women working in parallel with men any nation will remain as poor nation in long term.

Irrespective of any religions, girls should be educated.

If girls are educated they they can keep family at relatively high level in all terms and they can grow their kids in a better way.

In the long term, in big cities no family can survive with proper living standards without both husband and wife working.

Talibans should come to real broad World from the small circle they have drawn around them.

Then only Afghanistan can prosper and it will not remain as poor nation.

Turkey, Pakistan and Arab countries are also Islam religion following girls. They are sending their girls for education purpose.

In no religion holy books it will be written that girls should not be educated.

It is in between people who creates new stories for selfish needs.

Suppose if your son in law dies post marriage or son in law is not taking care of your daughter and providing proper financial assistance then she should be able stand upon her feet by working some where right.

Without having proper education, how she can take care of herself in the above situations?

In normal, if both husband and wife are living together also happily then also in general there is high probability that educated women can take care of their family in a better way.

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