BitCoin price tumbled over 9% and trading at 45,400 USD and still we suggest not to invest in BitCoin.

Recently one week back we had written below article

We do not suggest to buy BitCoin even given for 25000 USD which is worth more than 51000 USD in current market

In the above article we mentioned why BitCoin investments is risky.

Take a White Paper and just attempt to write on paper what are the reasons you think that will drive up BitCoin price.

If you have got any points excluding there is possibility that some other buyer will buy day after tomorrow then please suggest us your reason on our email

But if it is the only above reason then I would suggest better not to bet on BitCoin.

There are more buyers at 50,000 USD and there are only few buyers at 45,000 USD.

BitCoin price is getting driven by mainly speculation as per us.

There is possibility that many innocent buyers will be trapped in the game.



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