Both Apple and Microsoft of USA trading above 1 Trillion USD after long time

Apple and Microsoft both are USA based companies and trading above 1 Trillion USD.

Before 6 months Apple used to trade above 1 Trillion USD and post USA - China trade war got worsened, Apple stock got impacted as Apple mobile sales decreased in China. Again as and when new models of Apples rolled into market and trade war became bit smooth, again Apple became 1 Trillion plus USD worth company.

Microsoft consistently trading above 1 Trillion USD for more than a month.

Top 3 companies worth in USA now > GDP of India.

Top 3 companies in USA are Oct-03-2019: 

Microsoft Market Cap : 1.042 Billion USD

Apple Market Cap : 1.017 Billion USD

Amazon Market Cap : 854.94 Billion USD

India GDP for 2018-19 : 2.7 Trillion USD

Total market cap of Top 3 companies > India GDP for 2018-19

Monday, October 7, 2019 - 06:36 UTC