Dow Jones traded at 19677 a day before Trump became president to USA and now trading at 26,573 nearly 35% gain

Dow Jones trading price on Jan-19-2019 a day before Trump became President to USA : 19,677

Dow Jones trading price on Oct-06-2019  : 26,573

35% growth in Dow Jones in less than 3 years is what achieved by Trump as President of USA.

Mainly when corporate tax cuts to reasonable rates by Trump and attempts to create more local employment helped USA markets to grow by 35% in less than 3 years.

For a developed nation getting returns of 35% in less than 3 years can be treated as brilliant job by Trump.

Dow Jones 30 behaviour indicates how the USA economy had grown? Whether grown in positive direction or negative direction? Reason is Dow Jones 30 is nothing but 30 big publicly listed and trading companies.

Growth in those companies indicates growth in economy and growth in jobs relatively.

So far Trump has done brilliant job related to USA economy growth.

Now biggest question is can he shield the USA economy from global slowdown? If so what would be his strategies now to keep USA economy on growth?

Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 11:07 IST
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