Dow Jones Tumble by 350 points but Tesla still in 1% gain even most tech stocks lost over 3% of market cap.

Facebook tumble over 5%.

PayPal tumble over 4.8%.

MasterCard tumble over 5.1%.

Nvidia tumble over 4.6%.

Visa tumble by 4%.

Amazon, Alibaba, Salesforce, Adobe, Toyota tumble over 3%.

Even Apple and Microsoft tumble over 2.7%.

In spite of all above bad news good news is that Tesla still in gain of 1% as it has reported excellent electric vehicles manufacturing number of 241,300 for quarter ending Sep-2021.

Another stock that soars by 6% is Royal Dutch Shell which is oil and gas sector company as crude oil prices soar over 77 USD per barrel.

Inflation data expected in upcoming days is expected to be higher and whether companies will outperform as per already raised market are couple of major reasons for USA stock markets correction.

However do not expect any recession in USA for the next 2 years.


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