Dr. Li virologist in China told that there are evidences to show that Covid-19 virus is man-made virus in Wuhan lab. Even China government knows that it can spread from person to person. Even it can be pandemic.

China government knows this if prior to Chinese new year. Why we are mentioning Chinese new year is main reason to spread globally is Chinese new year. Celebrations will be at high range in China for Chinese new year. So people who settled in other countries will come on vacation on Chinese new year event. In no other month huge amount of Chinese will not come back to China and again go back to foreign countries.

China wants to weaken USA government and weaken USA President Trump. In last 4 years that as a President of USA, did many good things which helped USA economy to improve and improved standard of USA People average salaries.

So might be China want to replace USA President Trump with some of China favourable candidate as USA President. Then China government no need to pay billions of dollars as tariffs when the China companies dumping their products into the USA.

Even if we look months of Jan-2020 and Feb-2020, China government arrested and kept a doctor in jail who highlighted n social media that this Covid-19 virus can spread from person to person.

If these evidences are proven, then China face many trade restrictions as global countries are already vexed of China and China government.

With a risk of life China virologist moved to USA.

Even USA President Trump can have life threat from China government. China can not do fore ground war. China will always do background war and cunning war.

China supports anti-social elements by funding in background wherever it feels that China exports can have negative impact.

Recently as Russia and Oxford university claiming their trials are in final stages, now China is telling even they have vaccine which is under trial.

Prior to spread fo Covid-19 only China might have worked to find out vaccine.

Anyways China can hide truth for temporary time. In the long term China is going to have negative impact due to Covid-19.

Already many countries have banned China telecom companies like Huawei.

Even banned China apps like TikTok and PubG.

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