FaceBook has scope to become 1 Trillion USD market value company by 2024.

One of FaceBook biggest strength is WhatsApp. We love WhatsApp over FaceBook considering end user benefit. WhatsApp market value will go drastically with 5G technology. Going ahead internet users count will increase.

Let me talk about YouTube while explaining this. In past few years YouTube revenue significantly increasing because more people getting access to fast internet.

Second reason why FaceBook will touch by 2024 is many countries will be using 5G technology. Apart from that couple of projects like SpaceX Starlink project and couple of other modern technology players will help even remote area people will have access to fast internet.

So going ahead more users will be using FaceBook.

Even literacy rate increase WorldWide will help FaceBook revenue to grow up.

Considering all the above reasons, FaceBook will be 1 Trillion USD market value company by 2024.

Again it is just our thoughts about FaceBook. Before investing do your own research always.

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