Global stock markets are trading in green, as FED increased interest rate only by 25 bps.

On March 16th trade, Dow Jones closed 1.55% higher and Nasdaq 100 index closed 3.77% higher.

Nikkei 225 index currently as on March 17th trading higher and even though it has a local bad news of having earthquake of 7.3 scale. Actually we had not expected that it can trade above 1%.

Hang Seng index related to Hong Kong yesterday rallied over 9% and today it is getting rallied over 5%.

Nifty 50 index related to India rallied 1.35% so far.

Actually FED increasing by 25 bps is not a very great positive news. Might be many people are waiting to invest after getting clarity on FED decision.

So globally stock markets are trading in green. Mainly almost all global markets corrected over 15% from their highs.

One more important factor for global rally was Oil and Gas prices and metals prices came under normal prices similar to before the start of war. This is what market is cheering about.

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