India Government launched 20,000 Crores INR worth of projects in Jammu & Kashmir and more than this good news is Indian intelligence helping to kill all terrorists whoever trying to come into India.

Indian intelligence cleared all terrorists prior to Modi launching many project in Jammu & Kashmir. Actually Indian intelligence might have informed and requested Modi about the terrorists threat and would have asked to cancel his trip to Jammu & Kashmir.

Modi personality doesn't stop his projects whatever may be the threat level. So Indian intelligence killed all terrorists prior to his trip.

Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh warned that if Pakistan attempts to send terrorists into Indian border then Indian army will enter Pakistan border to smash all terrorist camps in Pakistan.

Better Pakistan Government to kill all terrorists in Pakistan before Indian army enters Pakistan border to kill Pakistan terrorists.

It's good for Pakistan economy and Pakistan Government if they kill all Pakistan terrorists.

Otherwise if Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh starts taking action on terrorists camps then more bold steps will be taken by him and no terrorist camp will be left in Pakistan.

Many power projects to improve electricity in Jammy & Kashmir and also many infrastructure projects has been allocated to Jammu & Kashmir.

Kashmir became an excellent tourist place with excellent revenues under Modi Government post repealing article 370.

Hats off to Indian intelligence for clearing all terrorists who attempted to create blockages to Kashmir growth story.

As Kashmir people living standard is increasing under Indian Government, people in Pakistan occupied Kashmir protesting against Pakistan Government that they want to be part of India.

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