India has around 53 Billion USD trade deficit with China. So in order to promote exports from India to China, India Pharmaceuticals and IT services sectors of India will get benefit to access China markets because of India PM Narendra Modi & China President Xi Jinping meeting.

India is one of highest user of China electronics and China goods.

India has only single issue with China as China occupied a piece of land which is Aksai Chin of Jammu & Kashmir. This Aksai Chin area will be around 37,500 Sq.Km.

Later Pakistan had given 5,180 Sq.Km which is part of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) to China. Actually this land is part of India. But Pakistan had given to China after occupying it.

Excluding that India has no other issues with China.

From past 40 years there are no disputes between China and India. Modi and Xi fruitful time of 6 hours communication in a span of 3 days could improve trade relationship between China and India.

Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 09:15 IST