Indian Government and State governments should learn from Sri Lanka economic crisis that 40% of central and state government to be spend on infrastructure projects and on projects having good Return on Investment of atleast 10% per anum.

India should spend money on projects where minimum of 10% per anum can be expected. More money should be spend on infrastructure projects.

This will help to attract more foreign direct investments into India.

More freebees making the middle class people life tough in India and especially burden on middle class people increasing in various forms of rate hikes or different types of taxes on goods and services. Middle class people are suffering mostly.

At the same time pensions to old age people above 60 years or pensions to handicapped can not be avoided at any cost. It is needed in any nation. So the other way is to attract more companies into India and care to be taken more products and services will be produced in India. So that share to social welfare activities and share to construct infrastructure projects and capital expenditure projects will improve at same time.

Target of the government should be remove below poverty people count by improving their lives. It is not so easy that I had written a single statement.

Japan and China like countries kept many efforts to take poor people out of poverty line in the past.

Also people are wasting their energies by holding any one party flag without working either in manufacturing or services sector which contributes to India growth story. Even politically their contribution is zero as they just carry flag and do nothing for nation.

In India the people who just carry flags number will be much more when compared with developed nations like Australia, USA, UK, France.

Voting honest will contribute better than carrying party flags or participation into direct politics will help nation.

What is happening is for freebees like may for government constructed houses or any benefits provided by the government, these people wasting their time just carrying flags instead of contributing in some way to India.

Sri Lanka tried to convert entire Sri Lanka into organic farming country. Hence productivity of food crops reduced. Hence the food crisis in Sri Lanka.

Even turning to complete organic farming is not a good decision as agriculture productivity will reduce and this will not be sufficient to meet demand of all people food needs.

Of course India is not planning to turn completely into organic forming.

But couple of states like Sikkim turned to entire organic farming. So better to study about Sikkim whether in India also productivity decreasing due to turning to organic farming.

Rather than taking foreign debt in foreign currency, it is better to raise funds through government bonds from the people of India.

Every Indian should think of one of recent statement by Telangana IT Minister KTR statement that "In 1987 both China and India had GDP of around 470 Billion USD. Now China GDP is around 15 Trillion USD and our GDP is just 2.9 Trillion USD."

Geographical wise India is in more advantageous position when compared with China and even mines wise. Even in intelligence and taking daring steps India is far ahead of China. But in hard work China is far better than India. Need to see exactly what made China GDP 5 times bigger than India GDP.

Starting at same point in 1987, how China GDP became 5 times bigger than India GDP and this perspective that every Indian should think of. Definitely I will do some research on this part very shortly.

Actually the data is showing as China GDP is 5 times bigger than India but when compared Purchase Power Parity, hype created by real estate factor to China GDP contribution, China exploiting poor nations to extract their mineral wealth at less cost and dragging them under debt trap and couple of other factors then also China GDP will be 3 times bigger than India GDP. 

This is one key area every Indian should do some research on and what he can do to fill the gap.

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