Infosys Reported revenues at 4,444 million USD for quarter ending Jun-2022, growth of 17.5% YoY.

Infosys Revenues in Constant Currency terms grew by 21.4% YoY and 5.5% QoQ.

Infosys Operating margin at 20.0%, decline of 3.7% YoY and decline of 1.5% QoQ.

In quarter ending Jun-2022, 61.8% of revenue generated in North America, 25% of revenue generated in Europe, 10.6% of revenue generated in the rest of the world and 2.6 of revenue generated in India.

Infosys active clients count increased to 1,778 in Jun-2022 from 1,659 in Jun-2021.

Total Infosys Employees count at the end of Jun-2022 increased to 335,186 whereas Infosys employees count at the end of Jun-2021 was 267,953.

Infosys Net Profit for the quarter ending Jun-2022 was 689 million USD whereas net profit for quarter ending Jun-2021 was 704 million USD.

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