Linkedin is World's biggest professional social media network.

Even now a days linkedin turned out to be one of the best portal for high profile jobs and white collar jobs.

Such a company like Linkedin shutting down operations in China, is a big blow to China.

Japan government spend money for Japan companies to move out of China.

Even companies like Apple, Samsung Shipping Industry, Nintendo, Hasbro and many more big MNCs moved part of their business operations to out of China.

There are two reasons. One is Covid-19 origin country is China and China government is not keeping transparency. Other reason is China is having border disputes with many countries and even in 2022 China government will be more unstable relatively. 

Even recent collapse of Evergrande says how many MNCs would have left China which resulted in tumbling of real estate prices in China.

China border disputes with Hong Kong, China border disputes with Taiwan, China border disputes with Russia, China border disputes wit India, China border disputes with Philippines, China border disputes with Indonesia, China border disputes with Vietnam, China border disputes with Japan, China annexation of human rights in case of Uyghur Muslims and many other factors downgrading chance to set up companies in China.

Now Linkedin shutting down business operations in China is a big blow to China. 

Mainly many MNCs will start thinking why Linkedin might have left out China?

Most of CEOs, Most of CFOs, Most of Chairmans, Most of Founders, Most of Key decision makers were registered in Linkedin.

In simple words, Linkedin is World number 1 professionals network.

Such a company like Linkedin shutting down operations in China is a very bad news for China.


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