Mukesh Amabani from India and chairman of Reliance Industries joined 100 Billion USD club along with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

Now Mukesh Ambani is the World Top 10th Billionaire with 100 Billion USD market worth. He is the chairman of Reliance Industries.

Reliance Industries is diversified business and it is into telecom, Oil and Gas, Retail, eCommerce, Oil Refining, Petrochemicals.

Out of Top 10 "100 Billion USD worth business leaders in the World", 8 business leaders are from USA, one from France and the other business leader is Mukesh Ambani from India.

World Top Rank 1 Billionaire : Elon Musk into Tesla which manufacture electric vehicles, solar panels and he is also founder of SpaceX which launches private rockets into space and also sents satellites. Starlink is one of his project can deliver internet even to remote places. Elon Musk net worth as on Oct-09-2021 is 202 Billion USD.

World Top Rank 2 Billionaire : Jeff Bezos who is founder of Amazon which is World number 1 ecommerce and also he is founder of AWS (Amazon Web Services) which is World number 1 in providing cloud services. Jeff Bezos net worth as on Oct-09-2021 is 191 Billion USD.

Word Top Rank 3 Billionaire Bernard Arnault and his family members and he is founder of LVMH with headquarters in France. LVMH is known for best luxury goods in the World. Bernard Arnault and his family members net worth is as on Oct-09-2021 is 175 Billion USD.

Word Top Rank 4 Billionaire : Bill Gates is World Rank 4 Billionaire. Actually he had given lot for charities. Otherwise he would have been one among top 2 World Billionaires. Bill Gates net worth as on Oct-09-2021 is 131 Billion USD.

Word Top Rank 5 Billionaire : Larry Ellison is World Rank 5 Billionaire and he co-founder of Oracle which is World number 1 in database software. Larry Ellison net worth as on Oct-09-2021 is 123 Billion USD.

Word Top Rank 6 Billionaire : Larry Page is World Rank 6 Billionaire and he co-founder of Google which is World number 1 in search engines. Larry Page net worth as on Oct-09-2021 is 119 Billion USD.

Word Top Rank 7 Billionaire : Mark Zuckerberg is World Rank 7 Billionaire and he co-founder of Facebook which is World's biggest social media network. Mark Zuckerberg net worth as on Oct-09-2021 is 118 Billion USD.

Word Top Rank 8 Billionaire : Sergey Brin is World Rank 8 Billionaire and he co-founder of Google. Sergey Brinnet worth as on Oct-09-2021 is 115 Billion USD.

Word Top Rank 9 Billionaire : Warren Buffett is World Rank 9 Billionaire and he co-founder of Berkshire Hathway and he is well known for best investments in the World. Warren Buffett net worth as on Oct-09-2021 is 103 Billion USD.

Word Top Rank 10 Billionaire : Mukesh Ambani is World Rank 10 Billionaire and he co-founder of Reliance Industries. Mukesh Ambani net worth as on Oct-09-2021 is 101 Billion USD.

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