NATO increasing their armed forces in Eastern Europe allies as per NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg.

As per NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, they are increasing forces in their NATO allies of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania.

NATO has more military strength and latest defence equipment when compared with Russia.

Joe Biden coming to Europe and his trip to Europe may lead to further sanctions on Russia.

Currently most of Ukraine is under control of Russia.

Over 3.5 Ukraine refugees fled to neighbour countries.

Actually it is better to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine ASAP.

As Ukraine compromised on declaring Donbass independent and sovereign and Crimea to be part of Russia. Ukraine also committed that they will not join NATO going forward.

Russia wants on top of the above that Ukraine should be demilitarized.

Russia claiming Ukraine to be having non nuclear status is acceptable buy any country should have their own military forces for self-protection.

So we do not think asking Ukraine to be demilitarized to stop the war.

Russia President Putin and Ukraine President Zelenskyy should first think about doing justice to 3.5 million Ukraine refugees fled to other countries.

Kids and Old people are there among Ukraine refugees.



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