No chance of hitting recession in India as India has a parallel economy. Actually India GDP is much higher than what Indian Government and World organizations projects.

People living in unorganized sector is in huge number in India. Most of their products and services will not be counted in Indian GDP.

Indian MLA's and MP's is one example of a parallel economy and I can boldly say 80% of Indian MLA's and MP's will be having 3x more assets when compared with what they states in political financial assets statement while they keep their nominations.

Doctors, CA's, Lawyers, Builders categories of individuals will also be having more assets when compared with their official statements.

So consumption in India will not go down.

Most of the sectors in India is domestic consumption.

India reducing imports from China manufactured products during BJP government. Even though some China products entering unofficially.

If India can charge more custom duties on fully finished goods from China then it will also help India to some extent.

As there is parallel economy and there is good consumption in India, recession will not come in India atleast till 2025.

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