Stay away from Crypto Currencies. Finally more loosers will be there than winners in Crypto Currency Market.

Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are trading at high levels mainly some ETFs futures trading related to crypto currencies may be approved by SEC in USA.

Currently Bitcoin is trading at 57,403 USD.

Currently Ethereum is trading at 3,788 USD.

Finally as per our estimation people who will loose money in Crypto Currency Trading will be more when compared with the people who gain.

I do not see any point why the Bitcoins market worth should be 1 Trillion plus USD. Technology wise it is a good concept. But many crypto currencies into the market suggests that the technology work of Bitcoin can be replicated by another company. Then such companies will not have much value.

Take the case of Visa credit card. Globally there are less than 7 vendors like Visa. The immediate one comes in mind after Visa is Master Card.

But as of now in the market thousands of crypto currencies is there.

As per my view Bitcoin is a preplanned stuff to shift money from one country to another country at very high level. Once the needed targets are done, then it will loose value.

Same is the case with other crypto currencies like Ethereum, Tether etc.

Difficult to predict when they will crash. But certainly what is possible scenario is there will be more loosers in Crypto World rather than winners at the end of Crypto story.

Within my knowledge it is better to stay away from investing in crypto currencies. Again do your own research.

Remember Crypto currency is not backed by any nation and again it is not productive asset like currency, stocks and even it is not even enjoyable asset like gold, silver.

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