Taiwan and Lithuania supporting each other against China threats and if couple of countries joins them China can't stand before them.

Before a century UK used to plan to enter other countries for business and used to occupy other countries.

Now China is trying to enter into the business of occupying other countries either by giving debts at higher interest rates to poor nations which are having mines and grabbing their natural resources. Finally killing all manufacturing sector in those countries by dumping China products.

Taiwan stand straight even China attempting to do war against Taiwan.

Lithuania officially supported Taiwan. Of course USA and Europe Union are also supporting.

During Trump time China not even dared to raise the name of Taiwan. But now during Biden period, China sending war planes into the zone of Taiwan.

Of course as China doing illegal activities, many global nations asking UNSC to cancel permanent membership of China.

Even human rights are violated in China by harassing Uyghur Muslims in a large scale.

Better most of the nations openly support to Taiwan either by stopping using China products or supporting Taiwan in whatever the way is better.

Even if small nations of Taiwan like 3 or 4 countries unites, then China can not stand before them.

One of the World Power Japan is supporting Taiwan.

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