Apple once again got chance to become World number 1 company when partial trade deal happened between USA and China. With 1.067 Trillion USD market cap Apple became World number 1 again by crossing Microsoft. Apple stock gained by 2.66% and closed at 236.21 USD on Friday trade. 

When Apple is trading around at 900 Billion USD couple of months back, we had recommended that Apple will cross 1 Trillion USD once trade war between USA and China smooths. Main reason is Apple products is best choice for business users as Apple products are more secured and difficult to hack.

But currently as Microsoft and Apple are trading at same ranges, Microsoft is better bet than Apple.

Intel Corp gained 1.92% and stock price closed at 52.09 USD.

Nvidia gained 1.62% and stock price closed at 185.99 USD.

Qualcomm gained 2.31% and stock price closed at 93.24 USD.

Related to China based stocks which were trading on NYSE:

Alibaba gained 4.14% and stock price closed at 172.94 USD on NYSE.

Tencent gained 1.58% and stock price closed at 41.55 USD on NYSE.

Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 14:21 IST
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