Tesla March-2022 ending quarter net profit soar by 658% when compared with net profit of March-2021 and net profit of March-2022 ending quarter was 3,318 Million USD.

Tesla total revenues soar by 81% and Tesla revenue for quarter ending March-2022 was 18,756 Million USD.

Tesla produced 305,407 vehicles for quarter ending March-2022 and Tesla manufactured 310,048 vehicles in the quarter ending March-2022.

As on March-2022, Tesla has 673 stores and service locations and 1,372 Mobile service fleet and 3,724 supercharger stations and 33,657 Supercharger connectors.

For period ending March-2022, energy storage deployments increased by 90% YoY in Q1 to 846 MWh, mainly driven by strong Powerwall deployments.

Overall outstanding net profit for Tesla in quarter ending March-2022 and time for Tesla shareholders to celebrate.


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