Tesla reported that they had manufactured 241,300 electric vehicles in the quarter ending Sep-2021.

Actually this number itself is much high above street expectations.

On top of that it does not include total produced vehicles count from China Shanghai Giga Factory.

So the total number of produced electric vehicles should be little above 241,300. This is again a boost for the Tesla stock price to gain.

Tesla founder Elon Musk is working as one of best catalyst to reach the USA goals to have clean energy.

Actually former president Trump had given lot of support to Tesla company when it is in early stages for the good of USA economy. Of course even current President Biden is also giving good support to Tesla for well being of USA.

Even China government encouraged him to set up electric vehicle plant in Shanghai by supporting with loans and permissions at rapid speed. In less that a year, Tesla is able to establish giga factory in Shanghai of China.

Tesla sources of revenues in nearby term:

  • Manufacturing and selling electric vehicles.
  • Operating Charge points for electric vehicles.
  • Manufacturing and installation of solar panels.
  • Tesla is about to start humanoid like Robots. May be they will get revenues from 2024 out of this research.
  • Tesla is into neural networks mainly related to fixing couple of issues related to brains.
  • Auto Driving cars research work is going on.

In our earlier blogs we posted that Tesla will reach 1 Trillion USD market cap by 2028.

But looking the velocity of Elon Musk and his Tesla team, Tesla can achieve market cap of 1 Trillion USD by end of 2026.


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