Twitter currently trading at 45.85 USD and Elon Musk offered 54.20 USD per share if Twitter share holders are going to sell all their shares to take Twitter private.

Generally it is just assumption if Elon Musk gets 51% share holding of Twitter then also he might be willing to takeover Twitter.

As per Elon Musk, if Twitter share holders not ready to sell their shares at 54.20 USD per share then Elon Musk may plan to sell his shares.

Before Elon Musk announced that he bought 9.2% of Twitter shares, Twitter shares are trading at 39.30 USD per share.

Elon Musk informed that he had no interest take board seat in Twitter.

In case, if Elon Musk wants to make changes in Twitter what he wants to make then probably he should be having atleast a share of 51% in Twitter.

So far Elon Musk not revealed what changes he wants to make in Twitter.

As of now he offered Twitter share holders 54.20 USD per share and he want to take Twitter private by purchasing all shares in Twitter.

Elon Musk may have plans to make Twitter as competitor to Facebook.

Elon Musk is already a successful person as the organizations established by him i.e Tesla and SpaceX are both successful organizations.

Currently Elon Musk is holding 9.2% of shares of Twitter. If the offer proposed by Elon Musk is not accepted by Twitter shareholders then Elon Musk may think of selling his shares in Twitter.

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