USA is projecting number of deaths due to Covid-19 will be between 100 thousand and 200 thousand.

So far in USA over 4000 deaths happened and globally over 45000 deaths happened.

Trump requested to maintain social distance of 6 feet while going out.

Trump had extended social distance guidelines until April-30-2020.

Number of deaths can be bring down globally if all Covid-19 patients data is shared to all companies from all companies.

So far world had over 893 thousand Covid-19 cases and it is a huge data that can help companies to find vaccine or medicine.

Please share the patients medical data to all healthcare companies which have market cap more than 1 Billion USD.

Each country can share:

a. Give some unique id to each patient. Person name is not needed.

b. Age of Patient, Height of Patient, Weight of patient

c. Male or Female

d. Country, City

e. Blood Group

f. Complete Blood Picture reports.

g. Test outputs related to Covid-19

h. Day wise health summary related to patient

i. Day wise medications used and observations made over patient.

j. Whether having Diabetes or Cancer or Heart Stroke or BP or Any pre existing health issues.

k. Date of Admitted and details Date of Recovered or Date of Death or Still existing as active Patient.

l. Treated hospital name if there is no problem to submit it.

m. Other scanning reports.

n. Other Medical Reports.

o. Any special points related to Patients which can help to find Covid-10 medicine or vaccine.

Probably WHO can collect all the above data and can provide to all companies free of cost which are working on finding vaccine or medicine for Covid-19.

If there is more data available it can be useful to find vaccine or medicine related to Covid-19.



Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - 21:47 IST
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