Whenever national party or state party announcing freebies during elections in India, it should be made mandatory that to explain how much is national revenues and how much is state revenues.

Also what would be the cost of freebies as a nation or state in Crores of INR rather than explaining how much it would cost per individual.

If political leaders are telling on stage 100 times, Supreme Court should made mandatory to explain about national or state incomes 100 times and cost as a whole to nation or state by taking into consideration of latest statistics. Every 10 years, in India statistics will be taken. For current year statistics, they can add 0.2% per each year to get current year statistics. Here I am giving example but multiplication factor can be modified by studying properly.

Even each time, the national government or state government should explain how much budget will be leftover by removing Government employee salaries or any bills that Government can not skip at any cost. So each time post mandatory things how much budget will be left of and how much government freebies schemes will cost and how much % is coming from central government and how much % coming from state government.

Again as mentioned above, each freebie cost should be explained at national or state level depending upon whether promise committed at national level or state level.

Transparency increases about government freebie schemes to people and their actual cost at national level or state level.

When explaining at national or state level by taking recent survey statistics, people will be able to understand which are viable or which are not viable.

Even before promising, political leaders will study what is national revenue and what is state revenue whether freebies can be fulfilled or not.

So awareness increases both to central and state political parties and to general public.

So voter decision to vote will be more effective after having above knowledge.

If any political leader not explaining entire statistics then courts should take proper action on them.

Mainly they should be suspended to stop to speak in public programs or TV programs for 1 year to 3 years. Again keep the number fixed and don't even give choice to judges also to give variable punishment. Punishment should be fixed to all.

If Supreme Court and Central Government of India is on the same page and implements above rules, it provides transparency to the public whether political leaders promises are really viable and they will be knowing government income and expenditure.

Of course political leaders have to do all computations what the freebie would cost for entire nation or state.

Finally it would benefit India.

The above steps will help public to think about whether political leader promises can be achievable or not.


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