Whatever the outcome of tomorrow's USA inflation numbers are, markets may move slightly negative as inflation is clearly visible in the market.

Crude oil prices are increasing and all groceries prices are increasing.

Even 10 year bond yield is trading at 1.6 level.

Overall there is high possibility that stock markets may trade negatively on the Wednesday.

However GDP growth of USA will be positive numbers for the next 2 years. Even the IMF and World Bank estimates telling USA GDP growth for next 2 years will be positive.

Even if stock markets corrects, may be further 3% to 4% may correct over a period of time. Only there will be correction and there will not be any crash. Better stock markets to trade between 33,500 and 34,700 levels for more time to avoid any further steep falls in the stock markets.

Generally that corrections are better to reduce steep falls in the stock markets.

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