As friendly relationship between India and Tibet is growing, China wants to keep dispute between India and Tibet friendly relationship by some way or other.

China thinking if India and Tibet friendly relationship further grows then Tibet will get freedom. Then China can not exploit natural resources in Tibet.

Under leadership of Modi, India and Tibet relationships are growing day by day. China is not able to digest this.

India shares border with Tibet. So when China attacks India, China thinking India will attack Tibet but not Core China.

It's a wrong thinking of China. When Han Chinese creating problems, Indians will teach a lesson to Han Chinese. India always respects Tibet people. Tibet always respect and maintain friendly relationships with India.

China has to stop Child games and it can never succeed to spoil relationship between India and Tibet. China will be failure in its desire of Territorial aggressions and China economy will be severely impacted negatively during this process.

China will be having real pain going forward as China government debt and China private debt is huge.

China private debt is very huge in number. Need to see whether it will be able to repay it's debt or not.

Even when USA President Trump levied tariffs on China products to protect USA companies, China tried to create disturbances in USA.

When Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen is attempting to trying to develop Taiwan and again taking more measures to improve security and defense in Taiwan, again this same China creating disturbances to Taiwan.

Again this China show their power on innocent fishermen of other countries when they are doing fishing in their own country limits as defined by international law. 

China violates most of international law and when some country bans again this same China talks about international laws and WTO laws.

China already banned internet companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter which follow most of international standards.

But again when countries like India and USA banning China companies again this same China talks about violations even though China itself made lot of international violations.

When countries like India and USA had banned China apps like TikTok, WeChat etc and China Telecom Huawei in the interest of improving national security, again this China makes noise which already made lot of violations.

Finally to dump China products in USA and to destroy USA manufacturing sector, China spending and supporting for opponent parties of USA President Trump.

Again here also China will remain failure in ending and USA President Trump is having sufficient capabilities to protect USA from China.

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