Worldwide in several countries protests going on to cancel permanent membership of China in UNSC due to China illegal activities.

If China like country which is doing illegal activities has been given permanent membership in UNSC (United Nations Security Council) then UNSC will loose its significance. China is doing illegal activities and it is keeping stones for World War 3. So better to cancel China permanent membership in UNSC.

List of Illegal activities done by China:

1. China hided about Covid-19 virus and it resulted in Global disaster with more than 500 thousand deaths

China with half knowledge done experiments in Wuhan lab. Their experiments would have been similar to quality of China products. So due to mistakes of China and due to mishandling of Covid-19 virus in China now globally it has been spread to more than 10 million people and more than 519 thousand people died globally.

Worst part of China is that China government kept doctor in jail who alerted China government related to Covid-19 virus can spread from person to person. If China government had not kept that doctor in jail today around 500 thousand people would not have died.

Even some analysts feeling they might have intentionally created and released Covid-19 virus because at that time Hong Kong protests are at peak for their freedom and also trade war between China and USA are at peak.

Somehow China wants to defeat Trump in upcoming elections as he levied taxes on China products and collected billions of dollars considering welfare of USA. But it became a pain for China.

So China might have released Covid-19 virus to reduce vote bank of Trump who is having 100% of chances to win in upcoming USA elections.

2. Killed Tibet people and harassing Tibet nation people

Ideally speaking not even an inch of Tibet land belongs to China. But they killed and harassed several people in Tibet. Now also China is trying to exploit mineral wealth of China.

Even due to harassments of  China government Dalai Lama fled to India and he is living in India currently.

3. 45% of China enjoying land belongs to other Nations

Tibet actually is more than 2 million square kilometers even China showing just 1.28 million square kilometers of land belongs to Tibet. Tibet is independent nation from the beginning. Even during second world war also Tibet was a independent nation.

Around 1953 only China forcefully occupied Tibet and killed millions of Tibet people during that process. Even now also China people are not respecting Tibet culture and they are forcing to learn Han Chinese culture.

Entire Tibet nation is fighting for their freedom and China is suppressing them and harassing them.

Leader nations like USA started to recognize Tibet as an independent nation. Even globally many countries are planning to recognize Tibet as an independent nation.

Even east Turkestan land is occupied by China. Even part of Monglia is occupied by China. Even Aksai Chin which is part of India is occupied by China.

Manchuria regioin is also occupied part of China. Even part of Korea region is occupied by China. Even they are trying to illegally occupy South China Sea Waters which are international waters.

So China permanent membership should be removed from UNSC due to China illegal activities.

4. China had send their war ships and flights into Taiwan territory but offcourse post Taiwan defence action China war flights escaped:

China attempted to enter waters of Taiwan and even it attempted to send war flights into Taiwan. But when Taiwan and USA collectively attempted to attach China war ships and aircrafts, China army escaped from South China Sea which falls into Taiwan and even from Taiwan land.

5. China attempts to occupy Philippines islands:

China attempting to illegally occupy Philippine islands where rich mineral wealth and crude oil is present. Of course here also China army escaped when USA and Philippines army came into picture.

6. China attempts to occupy Senkaku islands belong to Japan:

Senkaku islands belong to Japan and even Japan people are active at Senkaku islands. Recently as rich mineral wealth and crude oil is identified at Senkaku islands, China planned to grab them by sending it submarines. But when Japan defense get activated, again China army escaped from Japan sea waters.

7. Aksai Chin which is 37000 square kilometers belongs to India buy occupied by China:

Aksai Chin of India is illegally occupied by China during 1962 war.

To destroy entire China, for India it will not take even 24 hours of time. But India is asking to give its area peacefully. China is refusing to give back its Aksai Chin.

8. Part of Place which is No Man Zone in Ladakh, China trying to occupy it illegally as India not supporting China project One Belt One Road:

India knows clearly China had plans to occupy neighbour countries. Even few people who signed for One Belt and One Road is rejecting their agreement with China.

But India knows China mal intentions before hand only. So India rejected that it will not allow One Belt and One Road project in India.

So China planning to deploy army and trying to illegally occupy a part of India land.

Recently when China illegally intruding into India, due to clash happened between India army and China army, 20 Indian soldiers martyred and 43 China army died at Galwan valley.

9, China killed fishermen of Indonesia by illegally entering into Indonesia waters:

China killed fishermen of Indonesia illegally by entering into Indonesia waters. This is a ridiculous mindset of China government.

10. China trying to change Uyghur Muslims culture:

China government forcefully changing Uyghur Muslims culture. They killed many Uyghur Muslims those who do not want to learn Han Chinese cutlure.

11. Hong Kong people human rights are getting annexed with new China laws:

Protests going on large scale as China implementing new laws which will annex Hong Kong people rights. Even countries like UK offered Visas to Hong Kong people as China is annexing their human rights.

Even USA opposed China new laws which are trying to annex human rights of Hong Kong people. China is punishing Hong Kong people.

12. China army killing tribal people in many areas to occupy border country lands

China killing tribal people in many countries to occupy other country border lands.

13. By seeing line of incidents globally many analysts are feeling China is behind Pakistan Terrorists:

Several hundreds of companies are moving from China to India. But terrorists of Pakistan not able to enter India due to high security at borders is improved in India. Now as Pakistan terrorists are not able to enter India border, now China trying to enter India borders and to create disturbances. In that process when China intruding into India borders, in the clash 20 India soldiers martyred and 43 China soldiers died. Even India has capability to destroy entire China criminals in 24 hours, just as USA is requesting to stop punishing China for a while, India is on hold in the way of punishing China by giving respect to USA leaders.

So globally protests going in massive scale to remove China permanent membership in UNSC.

Even Globally most of the companies are not giving contracts to Huawei considering security issues.

Even Globally China products are getting banned.

Even Globally China mobile apps are getting banned considering China army and China communist party will have access to customers data. China government will take forcefully the data from China companies whenever it needs as dictatorship government is present in China.

So China company products and China apps are getting banned globally.

China had border disputes with 23 Countries



Even countries across World wants to cancel permanent membership of China in UNSC untill it gives independence to Tibet.


If China is not going to give independence to Tibet, war will be done against China by all top countries in the World.

China has to give back 55% of its land which is occupied from other countries in illegal way.

Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 11:50 IST
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