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List of World Top ECommerce Companies in World by Market Capitalization

List of World Top ECommerce Companies in World List by Market Capitalization Sep-01-2018. Wolrd Top Companies Ranks are given according to market capitalization of the companies on September-01-2018. NASDAQ, NSE, NYSE, LSE, ASX, Euronext, Toronto Stock Exchange, New Zealand stocks, Shanghai Stocks, Hong Kong Stocks, Germany Stocks, Taiwan Stocks, Stockholm, Japan, Switzerland Stocks are included. If same company is listed in Multiple Stock Exchanges, mostly market cap VALUE is taken from NASDAQ or NYSE
  1. Market Cap Value (Sep-01-2018): 981,682 Million USD
    Rank in Search Criteria: 1
    World Rank: 2
    Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
    About Company:

    Amazon.COM is the worlds biggest e-Commerce portal. Amazon sells electronics, mobiles, laptops, dresses, toys and whatever the things in the world associated with price you can find at Amazon.

    Amazon has its operation in e-Commerce operations in USA, UK, China, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Ireland, France. Amazon is present across the globe.

  2. Market Cap Value (Sep-01-2018): 450,113 Million USD
    Rank in Search Criteria: 2
    World Rank: 7
    Head Quarters: China
    Stock Exchange: NYSE
    About Company:

    Alibaba is world top B2B service provider. Alibaba connects importers and exporters through online platform. Alibaba is China based multination e-Commerce Industry. Alibaba provide Business to Business Services, Business to Consumer Services. 2 Million Plus suppliers have registered with Alibaba. Globally if suppliers want buyers or buyers wants suppliers Alibaba is the best platform.

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