World Rank (Jan-07-2022)
Market Cap (Jan-07-2022)
3.198 Billion USD
World Rank (Sep-01-2021)
Market Cap (Sep-01-2021)
3.328 Billion USD
World Rank (Jan-01-2021)
Market Cap (Jan-01-2021)
2.597 Billion USD
World Rank (Jan-2020)
Market Cap (Jan 1st 2020)
2.141 Billion USD
Annual Revenue in USD
929 Million USD
Annual Net Income in USD
58 Million USD
Annual Results for Year Ending
For Year Ending Mar-2022
Total Assets in USD
733 Million USD
Total Liabilities in USD
243 Million USD
Total Equity in USD
491 Million USD
Balance Sheet Summary for Period ending
For Year Ending Mar-2022
Headquarters Region / City
Headquarters Country
Headquarters Sub Region
Headquarters Continent
Stock Category
Stock Exchange
Company Rank in Country in 2022
Company Rank in India in 2022 is 214
Rank in Country (Jan-2021)
Company Rank in India in 2021 is 182
Rank in Country (Jan-2020)
Rank in India in 2020 is 187
Number of Employees
Employee Count as on Date
As on 2020
ISIN Code:
Billionaires related to Enterprise:

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