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Australia Top Companies by Market Capitalization Value - March-16-2019

Australia Top Companies by Market Capitalization as on Mar-16-2019

Australia Top 500 companies by Market Capitalization as on Mar-16-2019. Companies Market Capitalization Data is picked on Mar-16-2019. Ranks are provided based upon Market Capitalization Data and stocks trading on Australia Stock Exchange.
Rank in ASX Stocks: 1
World Rank (March - 2019): 40
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 190.78 Billion USD
Business Sector (Australia): Top Materials Companies in Australia
About Company:

BHP BILLITON LIMITED is a Mining Company based company having its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. It is the World's second biggest mining company and biggest mining company in world is Glencore in Switzerland. Core business of BHP Billiton is Petroleum and Minerals. As on 2018, company has over 62,000 employees.

Stock Code: BHP
Rank in ASX Stocks: 2
World Rank (March - 2019): 120
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 96.39 Billion USD
Business Sector (Australia): Top Materials Companies in Australia
About Company:

RIO TINTO LIMITED is Anglo-Australia based company having its headquarters in London, UK. Rio Tinto core business is mining, They are into mining of Aluminium, Copper, Iron Ore, Energy and Minerals. Rio Tinto has 50,000 people work in around 35 countries across six continents as on 2017. 

Stock Code: RIO
Rank in ASX Stocks: 3
World Rank (March - 2019): 105
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 90.89 Billion USD
About Company:

COMMONWEALTH BANK is Australia based bank and it is largest bank in Australia. Around 49,125 employees working for Common Wealth Bank as on 2018. 

Stock Code: CBA
Rank in ASX Stocks: 4
World Rank (March - 2019): 154
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 64.70 Billion USD
About Company:

WESTPAC BANKING CORP is second largest bank in Australia and it is first bank that started banking operations in Australia. St. George Bank, Bank of Melbourne, New Zealand Westpac Bank, BT Financial Group are subsidiaries to Westpac Bank. They have 35,029 employees as on 2018.

Stock Code: WBC
Rank in ASX Stocks: 5
World Rank (March - 2019): 161
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 63.03 Billion USD
About Company:

CSL Limited is BioTechnology company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. CSL Limited has around 22,000 employees as on 2018. CSL has acquired a number of companies. They include: Aventis Behring, which is now known as global biotech leader CSL Behring, U.S.

Stock Code: CSL
Rank in ASX Stocks: 6
World Rank (March - 2019): 200
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 52.66 Billion USD
About Company:

ANZ Bank is third largest bank in Australia and its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. As on 2018 they have 45000 employees.

Stock Code: ANZ
Rank in ASX Stocks: 12
World Rank (March - 2019): 217
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 49.47 Billion USD
About Company:

National Australia Bank commonly called NAB is Australia Bank and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. By market capitalization, NAB is fourth largest bank in Australia followed by Common Wealth Bank, Westpac Bank and ANZ. Bank of New Zealand is subsidiary to NAB. They had over 35,000 employees.

Stock Code: NAB
Rank in ASX Stocks: 7
World Rank (March - 2019): 428
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 30.87 Billion USD
Business Sector (Australia): Top Financial Companies in Australia
About Company:

Macquarie Group Limited is a  Investment Bank and Financial Service Oriented Company with headquarteres in Sydney, Australia. Macquarie Group provides banking, advisory, trading, asset management and retail financial services across the globe. As on 2018, they have employees around 14500. 

Macquarie is a diversified financial group providing clients with asset management and finance, banking, advisory and risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities.

Stock Code: MQG
Rank in ASX Stocks: 8
World Rank (March - 2019): 473
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 28.28 Billion USD
About Company:

WOOLWORTHS GROUP LIMITED is Australia's biggest Super Markets company. Woolworths Super Markets are spread across the Australia.

Stock Code: WOW
Rank in ASX Stocks: 9
World Rank (March - 2019): 480
Market Cap (Mar-16-2019): 27.82 Billion USD
Business Sector (Australia): Top Consumer Staples Companies in Austrlia
About Company:

Headquarters in Perth, Australia. It has diverse business operations cover: supermarkets, liquor, hotels and convenience stores; home improvement; office supplies; department stores; and an industrials division with businesses in chemicals, energy and fertilisers, industrial and safety products and coal.

Stock Code: WES