World Rank (Jul-30-2023)
Market Cap (Jul-30-2023)
44.77 Billion USD
World Rank (Dec-25-2022)
Market Cap (Dec-25-2022)
32.51 Billion USD
World Rank (Jan-07-2022)
Market Cap (Jan-07-2022)
76.763 Billion USD
World Rank (Jan-01-2021)
Market Cap (Jan-01-2021)
58.281 Billion USD
Annual Revenue in USD
3,534 Million USD
Annual Net Income in USD
-486 Million USD
Total Assets in USD
4,106 Million USD
Total Liabilities in USD
3,452 Million USD
Annual Results for Year ending in
Jun-2023 month
Headquarters State / City
Headquarters Country
Headquarters Sub Region
Headquarters Continent
Stock Category
Stock Exchange
Company Rank in Country in 2022
Company Rank in Australia in 2022 is 4
Rank in Country (Jan-2021)
Company Rank in Australia in 2021 is 5
Rank in Country (Jan-2020)
Rank in Australia in 2020 is 12
Number of Employees
Employee Count as on Date
As on 2022
Billionaires related to Enterprise:

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