Jeff Bezos is CEO of Amazon which is World number 1 eCommerce website and it also provides AWS cloud services. Jeff Bezos is World's richest person with Net Worth of 185 Billion USD as on November 2020.

Key Quotes from Leader

Key Quotes from Jeff Bezos

  • One should try new stuff. AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Blue Origin might have been great success. But along with that lot of other initiatives failed. Even very successes will compensate lot of failures. So one should try new stuff with proper planning.
  • Choosing right people and work with them is most important thing to be success.
  • Jeff Bezos organizes important meetings mainly at 10'o Clock which need more IQ to take decisions.
  • If you can impress your customers with your work or your excellent services, then the customer will discuss their own excellent experience with other customer. This word of mouth publicity is very powerful in any business. The other people who heard from your customers has more probability to be your customers. "Word of Mouth" publicity is most important stuff in business.
  • Most dangerous thing in business is not trying to evolve.
Key Roles as Leader

Initially Amazon has started as a book store and slowly Jeff Bezos by keeping all his efforts turning that into World Top eCommerce website by spreading it's wings across World.

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